Leadership Strategies

Men Wanted for Dangerous JourneyA few years ago while consulting I was fortunate to work for a client who included the consultants with their full time employee team meetings.  During one of the team offsite meetings the Director of the group put up a list of leadership strategies with which he personally identified.   This same list resonated with me as well, and I keep them posted on my wall at work, and found it worth sharing.


Ernest Shackleton’s 10 Leadership Strategies:

  1. Never lose sight of the ultimate goal and focus on the short term objectives
  2. Set a personal example with visible memorable, symbols of behavior
  3. Instill optimism and Self-confidence but remain grounded in reality
  4. Take care of yourself. Maintain your stamina and let go of guilt
  5. Reinforce the team message consistently- ‘We are one, we live or die together’
  6. Minimize staff differences. Insist on courtesy and mutual respect
  7. Master conflicts, engage dissidents and avoid needless power struggles
  8. Find something to celebrate and something to laugh about
  9. Be willing to take the big risk
  10. Never give up, there’s always another move