Jira to Excel Scraper

My brother-in-law created this handy Excel macro that can retrieve details on cases/stories from Jira. Here’s the link: bit.do/JIRAscrape – it has definitely saved me a lot of time over the years! Dave

Leadership Strategies

A few years ago while consulting I was fortunate to work for a client who included the consultants with their full time employee team meetings.  During one of the team offsite meetings the Director of the group put up a list of leadership strategies with which he personally identified.   This same list resonated with me as well, and I keep them posted on my wall at work, and found it worth sharing.   Ernest Shackleton’s 10 Leadership Strategies: Never lose sight of the ultimate goal and focus on the short term objectives Set a personal example with visible memorable, …

HIMSS 2014: Federated HPD Demonstration

At HIMSS 2014 Surescripts demonstrated the Federated Healthcare Provider Directories, or “Federated HPD” for short.  My detailed blog post is online at Surescripts. HIMSS was also a great opportunity to reconnect with many of my former colleagues from my Accenture days at Guidant (now Boston Scientific).

Random PHP Quote Generator – and other Code

  Over the years I’ve written a few ‘scripts’ to add some functionality to different websites I’ve worked on.  Hopefully you find these useful.  I’m sure there are other programs out there now, but I wanted to make certain that these are still available.     PHP Random Quote Generator: Around 2003 I wrote this PHP script to automatically generate a famous quote from a list that I could define.  I’ve seen references to this code from other sites (without attribution…).  Feel free to use the code however you want. You can find the code at the following link. Perl – …